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Qutting Smoking Day 5 of Being a Quitter with the Patch

Day 5 of quitting smoking with the patch has been easier than I thought. Quitting smoking has it's ups.

It’s day 5 of being a quitter and I have never felt so good about giving up something so bad in my entire life, and thanks to quitting I may actually live a longer life, barring getting hit by a bus or dying in a plane crash. I think dying in some horrific accident is much preferable to the slow death sentence I was giving myself one pack at a time. Do I miss it? Oh yes, I miss waking up and coughing up my lungs out every morning, I miss smelling like an ashtray, I miss dragging around a ball and chain that I know is going to kill me eventually. No, I don’t miss it, in fact it’s like the best divorce ever.

There are triggers still, even though I had eliminated most of my triggers. Triggers such as being around friends that smoke, triggers such as drinking a beer, going places where people smoke and things such as that. Some of the triggers come in unexpected ways. I’m in the studio rehearsing a lot and I didn’t realize how often I smoked when I was working until rehearsals and my triggers started going nuts. Triggers are interesting little evil creatures and you never realize how much or often you smoked until you quit and start defining what your triggers are.

For instance, riding in a car or driving is a trigger because I always smoked in the car. Writing on the internet, because I always smoked when I was doing work on-line. Food, food is a huge one, I always smoked after I got done eating. Even just getting out of bed because the very first thing I did was light up the minute I got out of bed. And let's not even talk about the after sex cigarette. The good thing here is that after 5 days these triggers are slowly going away. They are getting easier to take because I recognize them for what they are.

Oh happy day, it’s so wonderful to be free of such a terrible habit. I’ll always have that “thing” inside that was the smoker and I know I still have a long battle to go. However; for today it feels great! Using the patch has been a great help and right now I’m less than 7 weeks away from being completely smoke and patch free. I have already noticed a difference in my attitude and finances, With the extra money I saved I treated myself and bought my self a new hat. Yes, cigarettes are really that expensive! In 5 days I have saved $25. Freedom…what a joyous feeling!

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Comments (2)

Good for you! I am so proud to read this! I quit about 5 years ago. I'm a lot better than I was but I still have oxygen that I have to use as needed. It's been a long time since I have used it though. If I get sick and the COPD kicks up, then I have to use the oxygen. I'm supposed to use it nightly when I sleep, but I rarely do. I had to eliminate my triggers too. I stopped hanging out with friends that smoked. After I quit I could really smell the difference.. when I came near a smoker, I would almost get sick from the cloud of stink around them. We just don't know how we smell until we finally smell it on someone else after we quit.

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Thank you Charlene for the comments. My Mother in on O2 and that is one of the many reasons I quit. I love the outdoors and I just can't see dragging around a tank everywhere I go. Than you so much for that!