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Electronic Cigarettes Compared with Ecigaretteschoice and E-lites

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One of the great things about the smoker’s choice product is the benefit of smoking without the harmful chemical effects that come along with smoking tobacco products. They are most cost effective compared to their tobacco counterparts. Second hand smoke is completely eliminated with e-cigarettes from e-cigarettes actually provide 4000 less chemicals and the ability to smoke nearly everywhere. Since you aren’t smoking tobacco products, no area is virtually off limits. believes in reliability, longevity and durability. With this in mind they have developed their electronic cigarette for customers. The G9 battery covers all three of these and meets as well as exceeds the customers’ expectations. They are leading the way for a healthy alternative for smoking tobacco for all of their shoppers.

Both of these electronic cigarette companies have wonderful products to provide their customers with slightly different technology to achieve the same product, an electronic cigarette. The price differs slightly with the initial investment, but over the long haul customers are spending close to the same dollar amounts.

#1 - EcigarettesChoice
EcigarettesChoice Coupon:
Get Current Promotions @ EcigarettesChoice provides electronic cigarettes for shoppers. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes that have been developed to provide the same look, feel and taste of a non-electronic cigarette. In order to function e-cigarettes require the same motions as smoking a tobacco cigarette. The cigarette sold by pushes out a nearly odorless water vapor that has the appearance of smoke, but isn’t smoke. This revolutionary product is possible due to the ingredients that make up the e-cigarette.

There are two different types of e-cigarettes sold at There is the 2 Piece No. 7 Premium and the 3 Piece No. 7 e-cigarettes.

Each 2 Piece No. 7 Premium electronic cigarette from has a 5V lithium ion battery that permits a longer life along with quick charging times. You can select from either white or black and the battery can be recharged using a USB charger which is included with all No. 7 Kits. Batteries will require a minimum of 2 hours for charging. The full lifetime of every battery will vary because smoking habits are different for each user.

The second part of the e-cigarette system is the Cartomizer. A Cartomizer is the quickest as well as the easiest way to refill your e-cigarette from It has 250% capacity of the cartridges in a 3 piece cigarette system while producing twice as much vapor. More vapor is possible because the system is sealed for very little air to escape. Cartomizers are not created to be refilled. When it stops operating or creating the vapor, simply remove the empty one and put in a new one with a simple twist.

The 3 Piece No .7 Premium electronic cigarette from has the same battery as the 2 Piece No. 7 Premium electronic cigarette. However, the 3 Piece has an atomizer and cartridges. The atomizer is a sort of engine behind the e-cigarette. This piece will pull power from the 5V battery when a user is inhaling and converts the liquid in each cartridge to vapor. Each atomizer will generally last anywhere from 3 to 4 months and will occasionally need to be cleaned for your unit to run correctly.

Cartridges make up the final piece of the 3 Piece No. 7. The liquid a user prefers can be installed a cartridge. You can purchase cartridges pre-filled or a user can fill their own.

Shoppers are able to browse through to purchase starter kits, disposable e-cigs, refill cartridges, accessories and e-liquid.

The website has a wonderful FAQ section that answers nearly every question that a shopper could have. Anything missing or not communicated to your satisfaction, simply contact toll free.

You can track your order on the website. Additionally, the company does accept coupon or promotional codes when making a purchase.

The website sells a variety of products that are all related to e-cigarettes. sells micro case skins, liquid to fill your cartridges, batteries, starter kits, refills, disposable e-cigs and accessories.

The micro case skins permit users to add color and style to their No. 7 e-cigarettes. Each skin is specifically developed with 3M technology for a finish that is both vibrant and colorful. A unique adhesive for each skin makes it easy for users to apply to their e-cigarettes.

Along with each products description there is an area for the website to display similar products and users to leave reviews with

The accessory selection includes atomizers, batteries, charges and cases in addition to e-cigarette skins.

There are a variety of choices when electing the disposable packs of e-cigarettes. Customers can elect to have Tobacco High, Menthol High, Blueberry High, Vanilla High and even Apple High for e-cigarette flavors.

Giftwrapping is an option at checkout if you want to purchase electronic cigarettes as a gift.

Subscription to their newsletter is available to guests and not just registered visitors of the website.

You can shop as a guest with or as a registered user. This is highly unusual with most online merchants. Generally to shop you must be a registered user.

In stock items are generally shipped to customers within 1 or 2 business days. If your shopping item is out of stock or on back order and email will be sent to you within 24-48 hours.

Currently shipping is restricted to the US and Canada. Military addresses are included in the shipping area.

After your first order with you can earn customer loyalty rewards for saving on every subsequent purchase. The amount of loyalty rewards available for each purchase is displayed during your shopping experience and does vary.

A Return Merchandise Number is required for all returns. Refunds or exchanges must be done within 30 days of receiving the product. All products are covered by the individual factory warranty unless otherwise stated.  After 30 days all product returns should be done directly with the manufacture. does have e-cigarette do it yourself kits. These are kits that can be assembled by the customer for the No. 7 two piece or three piece e-cigarettes.

You can purchase products wholesale as well as retail from Also, there is an affiliate program available that is wonderful.

The affiliate program with offers their affiliates contests monthly and annually. There is a live chat support structure in addition to phone and email support. There is a conversion rate of 10% and the commissions are unheard of at 25% to 50%. Cookies are 120 days. There is a $100 bonus for each new affiliate. Second tier affiliates have a 25% commission.

There are domestic as well as international sites to promote with commissions and the company is bragging that they are ranking first in search engine optimization. Coupons are available upon request to customers and the customer loyalty rate is one of the highest. The affiliate program that has put together is terrific.

Along with all of the advantages that provides to their customers there are several disadvantages that should be noted. 

Although the affiliate program is wonderful there are a number of restrictions that should be noted. The $100 sign up bonus is paid out after $200 in sales have been made. Affiliates are registered through a third party company and not directly with will have the sole discretion of whether or not a refund or product exchange will be given for any customer. Returns or refunds require a RMN or Return Merchandise Number, but the website does not do a very good job of explaining exactly how you obtain a RMN.

Orders cannot be cancelled after they are processed. will not accept any open products of e-cartridges, cartomizers, disposables and E-liquid for a refund.

There is a separate shipping fee of $35 for all Canadian orders at this time and they are not eligible for any of the free of charge shipping promotions that currently exist for any of the products. Prices for the DIY kits start at $119.95. You can buy one single No. 7 disposable from $14.95 or up to two 500 disposables for $99.95.

#2 - E-Lites USA
E-Lites USA Coupon:
Get 5% Off Starter Kit @ E-Lites USA is an online store based in the UK that specializes in providing USA electronic cigarettes. These are electronic cigarettes or E-lites and differ from the cigarettes slightly. Although both are electronic cigarettes the technology behind the electronic cigarette differs between each of the companies. is an online store that specializes in providing USA electronic cigarettes. This is a company based out of the UK, but with an enormous customer base in the US.

These are cigarettes that are powered by a G9 battery. The electronic cigarettes are extremely popular and will provide the average user with up to 400 puffs which can be equivalent to 40 tobacco or traditional cigarettes. electronic cigarette is a healthier alternative to the traditional cigarette for a number of reasons.

  • No second hand smoke
  • No smell
  • No ash
  • No bad breath

Along with being healthier you will also save money in your wallet along with saving your health. is offering their customers a smoking alternative that does not contain any carbon monoxide, tar or tobacco as well as many of the other traditional chemicals contained in tobacco cigarettes.

The latest cigarette that is offering to customers is the G9. The G9 is touted as the most advanced electronic cigarette on the market today. The G9 typically will last anywhere from 6 to 12 months or around 250 charges. promotes their electronic cigarettes with the G9 battery which has one of the strongest and one of the most reliable battery life to date. Unlike other electronic cigarettes the G9 will last up to 300 to 400 vapes or the equivalent of 30 to 40 tobacco cigarettes before needing a recharge. Encased in a sturdy, high grade rubber protected surroundings. The encasing for the battery will add protection for users against dropping or bumping of the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are currently being used by several celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Kathryn Heigl, Leonardo Dicaprio, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Customers can smoke in a bar, car or even the office with electronic cigarettes. website is responsible for selling electronic cigarette starter kits, refills and accessories. E-Lites are kept in a tobacco style carton that allow for convenience in carrying around your electric cigarettes.

Free delivery is available for customers that are spending over $75. Starter kits for the electronic cigarettes will run customers $39.99 and include a battery, case, 80 cigarettes and a USB charger which are everything you need to get started with the electronic cigarettes.

Vapers have a 6 month warranty for replacement if your battery will ever need to be replaced. The average life expectancy is one year. However, every vaper will react to their electronic cigarette differently. Therefore, will offer their customers a 6 month warranty just in case.  

Along with electronic cigarettes, even supplies electronic cigars. An E-tip is the main component of all E-lite electronic cigarette cartridges. The cigarette cartridges available come in menthol (Green), light nicotine strength (Gold) and regular strength (Red). Various cigarette strengths are interchangeable with the new G9 electronic cigarette.

There is a warranty for many of the products for sale on the site. For an example, your USB charger, wall charger, car charger and E-pack are all covered under a warranty of 12 months and may be repaired or replaced up to 3 times. The G9 batteries are covered up to 6 months.

There is a Discount Club for shoppers that make them eligible to receive discounts, coupons and subject matter pertaining to contests that are offered from time to time with will not resell your web address information to any third parties. This is extremely popular and means that through registration with the website you will not have to endure unsolicited mail in your email box.

Customers that may have a change of heart with their purchase or change of mind can return the goods to the store within 7 days for a refund. Contact a member of the customer service team at the stores toll free number for instructions on returning any items to the online retailer.

Affiliates are an option with Affiliate work with the company is terrific compared to other online stores. Commissions are 35% with a 120 day period for cookies. The company has a dedicated affiliate team that answers issues, questions and all around customer service for the company affiliates. is one of the founding members of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association.

There are several disadvantages that customers will find when shopping with the online retailer. Returns are possible. However, the specifics surrounding returning any products to the online store are not detailed on the site. They advise customers to contact customer service with returns and questions concerning returning items.

E-cigarettes refills are not suitable for disposable electronic cigarettes.

Warranties do cover the car, wall and USB chargers as well as E-pack. These can be replaced up to 3 times. However, the warranty and replacement is at the discretion of the company.

Charging time for the G9 is longer than other electronic cigarettes. 

Pricing for the E-lites will vary with the specific items purchased. If you are purchasing a starter kit, expect to pay more than if you are only buying refill products because of the initial investment to begin the process. However, thier starter kits are not bad at just under $40. The least expensive starter kit with the company will run customers $39.99 and the most expensive is $74.99 with several in between. A disposable cigar is available for $16.99.

The cost of smoking can be reduced by up to 70% on average for each shopper. One E-lite e-cigarette refill cartridge is equal to the equivalent of around 40 tobacco cigarettes. A shopper that decides to purchase thier refills in bulk can save even more. 

Smokers that are currently consuming 20 or more regular cigarettes a day can save over $3000 a year with products. 

The Bottom Line

Electronic cigarettes are better for your health as well as your wallet. Electronic cigarettes are offered as a more cost effective alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Secondhand smoke is eliminated and they are less expensive than their tobacco counterparts. 

Electronic cigarettes being developed by two different companies, but with the same goal in mind is being realized with and These are two companies that have taken the tobacco cigarette industry and provided their customers with a viable alternative.

The No. 7 is a wonderful electronic cigarette backed by a company with the latest and greatest at the forefront of electronic cigarettes. is investing in their electronic cigarettes with a terrific alternative technology that customers can also come to expect great things from in an electronic cigarette. All things considered does provide more alternatives, but provides a less expensive product. Depending on what you are searching for in your electronic cigarette will determine where our online shopping dollars will be spent.

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