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Quit Smoking Guide: Giving Up Smoking

Tips To Quit Smoking. Quit Smoking Tips. Effects of Smoking.

It is difficult to quit smoking for the long time smokers but with determination and discipline it can be achievable. Harmful health effects of smoking cigarette are well known. The toxic ingredients in cigarette smoke destroy our body and health in many ways. There are almost 4000 toxic chemicals in cigarette which are responsible for many deadly diseases. There are nicotine, carbon monoxide and cancer causing carcinogens. Smoking is responsible for oxidative stress and it promotes atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, lung disease and cancer. Besides all these, there are many more dangerous diseases and conditions occur because of smoking.

Prolonged smokers often find difficulty to quit smoking. Although, they know about the dangerous health problems related to smoking but somehow they cannot come out of this smoking habit. There are various ways that can help to quit smoking, only one has to follow them seriously.

To quit smoking it is important to believe that you can quit. You need to have that confidence in you. Keep reminding yourself about the dangerous and deadly health problems that happen due to smoking and gather the determination to quit smoking. You need to be determined and disciplined.

Initially, you can limit the smoking rather try to quit it all of a sudden. Chain smokers or prolonged smokers can find difficulty to stop smoking suddenly. So, it’s better to limit the intake at first, for example, smoke only on certain time, occasion or places. When you want a cigarette, just wait for few minutes, do not light a cigarette whenever you want it. Take your time, delay the situation as long as you can. This will help you to suppress the urge of smoking and also reduce your intake of cigarette per day.

Reward yourself for quitting cigarette. Do not spend the money on that deadly thing. Rather, do not smoke, wait for couple of weeks and buy something for yourself with that money. Make it an ongoing process and it’ll certainly be a big motivation for quitting cigarette. It’s important that you set a quit date. This will help you to be more focused.

Write about all the bad and dangerous things about cigarette smoking. If you are an article writer or if you run a blog then it’s easier for you. Write about the deadly effects of cigarette and how it is killing the smokers everyday. If you are honest to the topic and write about the bad effects of smoking, there’s every possible chance that you’ll be scared of it or it might demotivate you to smoke.

To quit smoking successfully family members’ support and social support is important. They should understand your behavioural change and support you. Also, they need to boost your confidence on your quest to quit smoking. It is always helpful and advisable to consult doctor or healthcare professional. The support and guidance from the professional will improve your chance to quit smoking significantly.


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good share and I appreciate it, though I am not a smoker...