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Quitting Smoking Day 3 with the Patch

The beginning journey to becoming a non-smoker. Using the patch to quit.

I have finally made a life altering decision to quit smoking after 26 years. I started smoking when I was 15 under peer pressure first from my girlfriends and then from my cousin who was like a sister to me. In the entire time since then I have never once quit for even a few hours. The reasons for quitting are too numerous to count but a couple of excellent reasons are health, money and smell. It is now day three and I don’t know what this personal journey is going to be like but I thought I would share it for those out there considering quitting smoking.

The first thing I did was found an online quitnet that offered free meds for a month. Some states have this program and at the beginning of each year will offer free patches and lozenges to people that want to quit until they run out. I chose the patch. The next thing I did was called all my friends and family and told them what I was doing, set a quit date and quit drinking because it is one of my triggers. After setting a date I called all my friends who smoke and drink and asked them not to come over smoking or drinking, or to try to entice me to go to one of the local clubs.

I know if this is going to work I not only have to alter my behavior I also have to change my environment. This may not be the easiest thing because as a musician playing clubs in our area this can be hard because people still smoke here in our state. On the home front I’m keeping myself busy. I went through and deodorized the house, got rid of all the ashtrays and hid the lighters in a drawer. Believe it or not just seeing a lighter or book of matches can be trigger. On top of that if I’m watching a movie or TV and someone lights up I have an immediate reaction.

This is day 3 and thanks to the patch I think it’s been easier than quitting cold turkey. It helps that I have kept myself busy, but on and off throughout the day I find myself wanting one. This feeling is temporary and soon passes. I have a basket filled with sugar free candies on my coffee table that help me and just keeping my hands busy is a great help. This morning I woke up and my lungs hurt really bad, it must be my body doing a good crap cleaning.

My biggest fear is weight gain, this is a big concern because my weight is ideal right now. Obesity runs in my family and I have always been careful about my weight, so I’m trying to avoid eating and so far it hasn’t been too hard. As for the jitters, they are there but not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. Well wish me luck everyone…

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