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Quitting Smoking Week 1 I Made It!

The first week of being a non-smoker. Quitting smoking for good.

I will always remember that today was the day I had reached the 1 week mark and the auspicious status of being a non-smoker, or ex-smoker if you will, for a few different reasons. I quit two days after my birthday and reached the one week mark today, Valentine’s day. I really never thought quitting something could feel so good and be such a cause for celebration. It’s quite amazing how a thing such as cigarette smoking can completely have a hold on your life, literally. I didn’t realize until I quit how much of a ball and chain it was, and I, a slave to the cigarette master. Freedom from this nasty habit is so liberating.

No longer do I have to step outside because I’m somewhere where smoking isn’t permitted. No longer do i have to deodorize my house and my clothes to get rid of the nasty ashtray smell. No longer do I have to be a slave to a master I detest. I am free of you cigarettes, you evil addicting little bastards. Man, that felt good saying that! Liberation from such an addicting habit brings a sense of peace and happiness I never suspected would come into my being.

Today, after 1 week, I am changing, evolving, becoming a new person. I am walking up to 2.5 miles a day and the new energy I have has helped me to accomplish so many projects. There are reasons for this, one of them being is I quit two bad habits at almost the same time. First I quit drinking, because drinking is a trigger to not only smoke but smoke more than normal, then a week later went the cigarettes. My life is 100 fold better for the changes.

Sacrifices, yes there are some but the benefits outweigh the sacrifices ten fold. Yes I had to stop hanging out with certain people that were influencing my life in a negative way. No matter how much fun we had together I figured it wasn’t worth sacrificing my life over. Regrets, do I have any, absolutely, there is one friend I am very close to, in fact my BF, who I can’t be around because she’s a raging alcoholic and will never control her smoking around me out of respect for my wishes, some friend huh? Big loss right? It is because deep down inside, for all of her issues I still love her. But in the end, my health has to come first.

At the end of the day I am so proud of myself for making it through week 1 (hell week). I am a much happier, more productive and healthier person. For all you out there trying to quit just take it a day at a time, try to keep busy and for goodness sakes just do it, if not for your health do it for your spouse, your kids, your grand kids. They will thank you for it!

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Comments (2)

well done! :-)

Ranked #11 in Smoking Cessation

Thank you for that Lisa, it feels GREAT!!!