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Quitting Smoking Week 2 and On To the Next Phase

Making it without cigarettes a week at a time. How to quit smoking, a practical guide.

I have now officially passed the 2 week mark without a cigarette. It feels really good to get up in the morning and not hack up a lung. I no longer think about lighting up first thing in the morning. The air smells so much better and my clothes and breath no longer reek of cigarette smoke, it’s a joy to not smell like a walking ashtray. Yes there are still days when I have flying monkeys at my back and want a cigarette but the feeling usually passes in a moment or two and then I’m ok. Thank you Idaho Quit Net for the 1 month supply of free patches, I firmly believe that was instrumental in my success with quitting thus far.

To recap the steps I took to quit. The first thing I did was quit drinking a week before I quit smoking. This was important to me because when I drink I smoke twice as much so quitting drinking was key to me being able to quit smoking. Most of my friends drink and smoke and this was the hardest because I had to change who I hung around with. It was even harder because my best friend is a borderline alcoholic and I knew she would never be able to refrain from drinking and smoking around me, so sadly our friendship is finished. This may seem drastic; however, when making huge life decisions we may not always like them but sometimes we have to chose our health over the desires of our friends to keep dragging us down with them.

I ordered my patches and started on the quit date that I had designated. I started my patches the night before my quit date when I went to bed so that I would at least have some nicotine already in my system when I got up to make it easier and not send my body into shock. I think this was also a very key factor in the first few days, which are the hardest. When I woke the next morning I was actually pretty calm and wasn’t jumping out of my skin nearly as bad as I thought I would be.

The next step I took was I started a walking program, walking 2.5 miles a day and this week that goes up to 3.5. The reasons behind this are obvious, to prevent weight gain and to increase oxygen into my lungs. The benefits; however’ have been better than I expected. After my walk I feel energized and I don’t feel nearly as run down as I used to. I also joined an online quit club of other members who quit near my same date and we support each other. They also have daily quit tips that are e-mailed to me everyday and a journal where I can keep my thoughts each day as I go through the process.

Lastly, I keep a running to do list of things that I need to do each day so that I always have something keeping me busy. I find that if I keep my hands busy I don’t think about cigarettes at all. I also keep a basket of hard candies on my coffee table to have something to suck on when I get nervous about something, and of course they are sugar free.

If you are thinking about quitting try to have a plan before you start. It will help you in the long run and hopefully keep you from failure. Good luck!!!!


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Comments (5)

This is great news Jaz it sounds like you are metamorphosing a brand new life. I am sure people reading would have loved a link to the on-line support group you use... just a thought.

Congratulations, it is no easy habit to break, glad you were able to do so. Keep up the good work, before you know it you will be a year smoke-free!

Ranked #11 in Smoking Cessation

Thank you so much Darline, that means a lot. Every little bit of support helps!!!! Jaz

This is such a blessing to read, it is a very hard habit to break for many people, good to see that you broke the habit, thanks

Ranked #11 in Smoking Cessation

Thank you Sue...I really appreciate it...Peace Jaz