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Quitting Smoking Week 3 and I Have Never Been Happier!

Making it 3 weeks without smoking. Quitting smoking with the aid of a patch.

It is now 3 weeks that I have been smoke free, thanks to help from the nicotine patch. It hasn’t been nearly as bad or as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, I didn’t even think I would ever be able to quit. I just assumed that my life was going to follow the path of my mothers and I would end up with emphysema, a hacking cough and an oxygen tank to tote around with me like a ball and chain. With each passing day I feel a little more free of the burden that has weighed me down for 26 years.

The craziest thing about quitting smoking is I have become this highly organized creature. My cupboards have never been so neat. My house has never smelt so good. I have never gotten so much accomplished in such a short period of time. I have been doing more reading, more writing, more work on projects that I had set aside for someday. I have even accomplished things that weren’t on my to do list. This is all thanks to getting rid of one nasty habit in exchange for a much better, much more healthier habit.

If the weather is good I walk everyday and now that the weather finally looks like it’s going to turn to the beautiful hues of spring, the blossoming of flowers and the warmth of the sun I have this goal of walking further, going new places to do some sketching or writing. Maybe finding a new coffee shop or something where I can just sit and observe.

It’s so nice that I can breath again. I noticed just the other night that I am not coughing and hacking anymore. The flying monkey jitters are pretty much gone except once in a great while. I still have moments of agitation but I don’ really think those are due to nicotine withdrawals, I chalk those up to the fact that I can be a moody person. Actually I’m in a far better mood these days about 90% of the time. I actually enjoy getting dressed everyday because I know my clothes don’t reek of an ashtray and my skin is surely thanking me.

It’s a wonderful thing to be smoke free and be able to go into a non-smoking establishment without the worry of going outside to smoke. Being able to sit through an entire movie at a theater without getting up half way through to go get my fix. If you have contemplated it you should give it a try. It just takes perseverance and determination and a true desire to be smoke free…for good.


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Comments (1)

Congratulations! My brother-in-law is about to quit, finally. I will show him this to encourage him to begin his smoke-free life! Week four . . . here she comes. LOL