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Smoking Risks: Health Effects of Smoking

The article highlights the various health effects of smoking. The various smoking risks and how regular smoking can damage your health severely. Smoking causes lung cancer, heart problems, chronic bronchitis, respiratory problems, stroke, impotency and also leads to major fertility problems in both men and women. In this article learn why smoking is dangerous for health.

When your Hollywood idol smokes, it makes you think ‘Wow! He looks so cool; maybe I should try and be like him’. That’s when you are likely to ‘be like your hero’ and have your first puff. Smoking, like other drugs, is addictive and when you have started

you are most likely to get addicted to it. The result: you get into trouble because once you’re addicted to smoking, it is hard to quit. Read on to learn about the risks and health effects of smoking.

Smoking damages your lungs

Smoking reduces your lung capacity and is a common cause for lung cancer. The most dangerous effect of smoking is the addiction, as people just cannot stop smoking once they start. Tobacco is rich in nicotine, the culprit which causes the addiction and has mood altering effects.

Every Cigarette reduces your lifespan by 5 minutes

According to the latest research, every cigarette you smoke reduces your lifespan by 5 minutes. Imagine what harm just one packet a day can do. To stop decreasing your life span, you must stop smoking.

Smoking damages your heart and your blood circulation

Regular smoking increases the risk of health conditions like heart attack, coronary heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease and cerebrovascular disease.

Effects Respiratory conditions

Smoking worsens and also prolongs the symptoms of respiratory conditions, like asthma or respiratory tract infections, such as the common cold.

Affects Fertility in both men and women

In men, smoking can lead to impotency. Since smoking limits the blood supply to the penis it is one of the most common causes for impotency in men. Smoking affects fertility in both men and women making it problematic for the women to conceive.

In spite of all these health risks, many people smoke regularly and many die daily because of smoking. In today’s world, many

teenagers both boys and girls smoke thinking that they look smart and outgoing. But in reality they are only killing themselves slowly and severely.

I have seen many smokers huffing and puffing hard after few minutes of sprinting during soccer. That’s because their lung

capacity is reduced by the smoke they inhale. The lungs are the oxygen tank in the body. So when you reduce your oxygen tank, your life span becomes shorter.

Everyone knows cigarette addiction is hard to quit, but what addiction is not hard to quit? The less you smoke, the longer your

life will be. From now on simply say no to smoking because it is really not worth it!

The health effects of smoking are really severe, therefore it is better to stop your habit of smoking and live a cigarette free life. Simply stop smoking for your benefit and for the benefit of your near and dear ones and lead a healthier life!

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Hot topic...article revealing some important facts and heath risks about smoking. Good job here! voted

Thanks. Voted.

Very bad habit and I have two brothers and my father died from lung cancer due to smoking.