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Volt E-Cigarette: The Best Slim on the Market

The Volt e-cigarette by Smokeless Image offers a simple and pleasurable alternative to smoking tobacco. This article compares the Volt e-cigarette with two other brands, the Volcano and the Bloog.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular as more people learn about them and how they can help smokers quit tobacco. They are readily available at convenience stores, malls and online. I bought my first e-cigarette at my local 7-11. This was a classic slim, designed to look like a real cigarette.

The carrying case was flimsy; the cartridges tasted awful; and, I received little to no throat hit or vapor. Despite the poor experience, the concept intrigued me and I began researching online. After two more failed attempts, I found the Volt e-cigarette by Smokeless Image and have been a satisfied customer ever since.

Volt E-Cigarette: Key Differentiators

• Superior Customer Service

• Batteries come in 10 different colors, with a velvety smooth coating

• Sealed batteries to prevent juice leakage

• 6 Skins to customize your Volt batteries

• Sampler packs to try all of the available flavors

• Multicolored end caps to keep track of your flavors

• Continually offers 20%+ sales

• Offers new and/or improved products, based on their customers’ feedback

Sites Similar to Smokeless Image

Bloog offers e-cigarettes that are essentially the same as Smokeless Image’s. Where Smokeless only offers two sizes (65mm and 78mm), Bloog offers three sizes (65mm, 78mm and 102mm). The batteries are available in automatic or manual format.

You will find a variety of accessories on Bloog’s website. These include chargers, a carrying case, rechargeable PCC batteries and accessory kits.

They also offer sampler packs of their juices. These packs are available in 0mg to 36mg in strength. New customers also have the option of buying a trial kit, which contains a battery, a charger and two cartomizers. These are available in menthol or red tobacco. A $10 discount coupon comes with these sets.

I had bought a basic starter kit from them in 2010, before they launched their Maxx Fusion line. While impressed with the battery life (at least 8 hours), I did not care for the hard draw that I had to take or the weak vapor. They may have improved this issue with their new line of products.

Volcano offers a small variety of e-cigarettes, ranging from the slim to large. They also offer a disposable, which will last one to two days (depending upon usage) and an express kit that is the same as Bloog’s, only cheaper.

As of this date, blank and refillable cartridges and cartomizers are available for the Volcano slim e-cigarette. Each cartomizer set comes in different colors so that customers can keep track of your flavors. A wide variety of accessories, as well as a good assortment of juices, are available. The juices range from 0mg to 16mg.

I’ve used both the slim and the Inferno. For the purpose of this article, I’ll comment only on the slim. It is a sleek little device, but it puts out very little and sporadic vapor. Adding to add to my frustration, I had to replace my batteries and atomizers every two months.

Volt E-Cigarette: Detailed Review

After hearing glowing reviews about Smokeless Image's Volt on (ECF), I decided buy one of their starter kits. One thing that frustrated me was the shortage of batteries and cartomizer packs. I received a message that the item was out of stock many times when I made a selection. Once I found available items, I placed my order.

My kit arrived via USPS about four days later. I gave the Volt a test after I charged the batteries and came away quite impressed. Assembling the e-cigarette is a no-brainer; simply screw on the cartomizer. The batteries are coated with a smooth, velvety material that is pleasant to the touch.

Unlike the Bloog, taking a draw off the Volt is effortless. I received a large amount of vapor, which made me cough. The vapor blew out of my mouth in a thick plume and hung in the air for a bit. Since then, I have tried other flavors and bought bottles of my favorite ones.

Customers can order blank cartomizers or prefilled ones in strengths that vary from 0mg to 24mg. Their selection is good but not as varied as Volcano’s. I found that I liked the quality of Smokeless Image’s juice better. It tastes richer.

Refilling the cartomizers is easy. Simply pull the stopper off the top of the cartomizer and drip the juice along the sides of the well or use the clear condoms to fill the cartomizers from the bottom. A video on how to refill cartomizers is available on the Smokeless Image website.

They have recently replaced the automatic batteries with sealed automatic batteries. While not foolproof, these batteries resist the leakage that can occur if you overfill your cartomizers. Manual batteries are also available. The manuals let you control the strength of your draw. I own the sealed batteries, which last 2-3 hours before I have to recharge them.

While I have been enjoying my e-cigarettes, I have run into some problems with dead chargers and batteries. Customer Service shipped me replacements at no charge. You can contact them via their support ticket system, by phone or through the ECF forum.

Since I’ve become a regular poster on the Smokeless Image subforum, I learned why their products are always going out of stock. Smokeless Image holds sales often. Not only that, but returning customers are always stocking up on supplies.

I would recommend the Volt e-cigarette for people who want robust flavors, a solid throat hit and quality vapor for a low entry price. If you are considering buying a starter kit, I suggest ordering the sampler cartomizer packs in order to determine which flavors you like best.

Pricing for the Basic Starter Kits

Bloog - $44.95 for one 78mm automatic battery, one velvet battery pouch, one wall charger, one USB charger and one pack of cartomizers. All products come with a 3-month limited warranty.

Volcano - $64.99 for 2 batteries, one charging pack, one wall charger, one USB charger and one pack of cartomizers. All products come with a 1-year limited warranty.

Volt - $29.95 for one rechargeable battery, one pack of cartomizers and one USB charger. All products come with a 3-month warranty.

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