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Why Is It So Hard To Quit Smoking

How does your mind controls the choice to continue to smoke, and how can you overcome that?

The biggest problem with quitting smoking is not the actual quitting part.  I'm not hear to say that it isn't difficult but I would like to point out a few things about how the mind works when it comes to "giving up" something. When people think about stopping smoking they first think of the horrible stories of pain, suffering and weight gain that they hear from others who have tried to quit and failed; this kind of input actually puts fear in the minds and hearts of current smokers.

There are many people that have quit easily with out any real issues but the problem is that the negative input is what sticks in the minds of people. We often remember the negative things that are said, for some reason that is easier to believe than the positive. Creating this inner fear will prevent many from making the effort to quit smoking all together.

Many people are afraid of gaining weight and not being able to loose it, others fear the other physical side effects such as head ache and anxiety.  What we forget to remember is that the craving for nicotine is short lived and will often pass in just a few moments.  You might say it's similar to a labor pain, it can be quite intense for a few moments but just as quickly subside and you will feel okay again.  Each time you get through that desire with out having a cigarette you are closer to becoming a non-smoker.  Focusing on things like the smell of the cigarette are really negative attributes and can lead to some pretty ugly repercussions if you for some reason return to smoking.  Focus on the positive things like feeling better, the success of accomplishment with each urge that you overcome.  Every minute of everyday that you can pass up on that cigarette is a positive influence on the next time.

No one ever died from the side effects of stopping smoking, that is a fact.  People that have major drug problems can overcome that addiction; the difference is cigarette smoking has been socially acceptable for decades. This makes it harder to stop than other things but again that is a mind set. Think about drinking coffee; caffeine is an addiction but it is acceptable so we continue to do it even though we may be high strung from the caffeine; alcohol, while it is socially acceptable on many occasions has it's acceptable limits. You wouldn't have a beer during your lunch break but you will have a cup of coffee because it is acceptable.  This action is still not the healthiest choice and stopping your intake of caffeine is not different than choosing to stop the intake of nicotine.

The most important and powerful tool you have to giving up a habit is your mind set.  Remember to have positive thoughts about the reduction not a negative thought because you are still doing it.  Many people will attempt to quit on several occasions before they actually commit to the process.  This doesn't have to be you but it could be.  Never beat yourself up for failing, the true meaning of failure is not making the effort at all.  Good luck.

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Comments (2)

The mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy...mine starts to panic if "quitting" enters into it. This is a wonderful write, and you are 100% correct in your statements. My motto for now is simply, don't quit quitting! Thanks for the advice...your words will inspire many.

Thank you for the comment and isn't it great to know your not the only one, can I borrow your motto for a while too! lol thanks