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Young Girls Dream About Smoke-free Valentine Day

Smoking habit kills normal health. Girls dream about accompanying non-smoking boys for their dating. They give more importance to health than others. They believe that only good health can keep them happy. Most of the Asian girls do not want to go with boys who have the smoking habit. Young girls of Asia dream about smoke-free ValentineÂ’s Day.

“Hi Sheela, what are you going to ask your boyfriend on this Valentine’s Day?”

Reena, a second year degree student of Stella Maris college, was very anxious. Reena’s boy friend Sharuk had promised her a surprise gift. But Sheela’s friend Sekar had told her that he would give whatever Sheela demanded.  Reena became more anxious to know about her friend’s Valentine’s Day gift.

“If Sekar Gives up smoking, it will be his greatest gift for me on this Valentine’s Day.” Sheila was very much worried about the health of Sekar. She knows the dangers of smoking. She always asked in what way did smoking add joy to romance. Many girls in India dream about boys who are free from addictions such as smoking.

Valentine’s Day is here. Joyful dreams fill the earth. Butterflies, in charming colors, are attracting bees from distant places. Young boys and girls flutter their wings of beauty. They try to attract the hero or heroine of their dreams. They float high in the world of romance.

Romance finds more joy in being healthy. Smoking, harmful to health, can definitely do harm to romance.

Why do girls dislike smoking habit?

Girls, today, are aware that filling ashtrays by smoking is killing people. Smoking fills ashtrays. The girls want to change the killing ashtrays into smelling flower vases. Smoking is dangerous to body and mind. Valentine’s Day provides an occasion to protect their loved ones from habits of addiction.

The western influence and lifestyle changes have resulted in the increase of smoking habit. In India and other Asian countries the number of female smoker is alarmingly on the rise.

Educated girls are aware that smoking is dangerous to social life. It is one main reason for the increase in the birth of defective and disabled children. Smoking kills more than 4 million Americans every year.

Valentine’s Day is not meant for flirting and fun

Valentine’s Day, which was celebrated in the west as “the lovers’ day”, has reached all parts of the world. Commercialism and consumerism have promoted it everywhere. The selfishness of modern commercialism has caused great damage to the significance of Valentine’s Day. Today it means spending in extravagance. Valentine’s Day becomes significant, only when it promotes the real sense of love. It should aim at building up a close relationship. Instead of spending the day in flirt and fun, it should aim at constructive and healthy relationship.

Why do many Indians hate Valentine’s Day?

There is a strong movement in India, growing against this commercial Valentine’s Day. Indians

do not believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day. Some parties in India propagate that it is the trick of western commercialism that promote Valentine’s Day. They want to promote their business. Most of the Indians view that Valentine’s Day brings more evil to society, by promoting sex and by degrading the real significance of love.

Many girls want to make Valentine’s Day healthy and significant

Valentine’s Day is taking a new shape today. Many people expect positive results from celebrating this day. Many girls believe that love is so strong that it can redeem their loved ones from harmful addictions.  

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Comments (8)

A good message.

very good

Exceptional message indeed!

Interesting - my husband and I went out for lunch to an East Indian Restaurant on Valentines day... Yes smoking is nasty. and a waste of money too.

Very nicely done.

Great points. I agree. We have managed to keep our house smoke-free and wish it will continue to be so. Thanks for this inspiring message.

what an interesting valentines day present, I like it

Thanks for the enlightenment.